Music Ministry

The prolific writer of the book of Psalms, King David, made many references to singing unto the Lord. Psalms 150 instructs us to praise him upon the cymbals, trumpet, psaltery, harp, stringed instruments and organ. David goes on to tell us that if we have breath, we should praise the Lord. In other words, he is saying, use everything you have at your disposal to give praise to the Lord, even if it is just your voice.
We, here at the Northside, whole-heartedly concur with David. We know what God has done and continues to do in our lives and we cant help but praise Him for it! If you have never experienced a Pentecostal worship service, we invite you to come join us and taste the goodness of God for yourself.
Music has a powerful influence on people and for far too long; the devil has hi-jacked this tool and used it to push his agenda. After all, Lucifer was the greatest singer mentioned in the Bibleif any one knows the power it holds, it would be him. But it's time for those that know the music giver, to stand up and take back what the devil has stolen! More than ever before, we need more God-filled, Spirit-infused, anointed worship in our churches. That is what the music ministry at the Northside seeks for, the moving of Gods spirit in our services; without it, it is just a dull, boring service; but with it, youll be transformed and you will never be the same.
We invite you to visit us this Sunday at 1:30 pm and experience what King David of old experienced; true praise. Praise that will lift the spirit, praise that will heal the broken hearted, praise that will set captives free; un-adulterated, liberating, true praise!
Marilyn Goddard

                                                    Worship Leader/Minister of Music


Service Schedule

Sunday School - 12:00 pm
Worship & The Word
1:30 pm

Bible Class - 7:30 pm


1527 W. Edgewater Ave.

Chicago, IL 60660

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